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We are looking for top talent. Individuals who march to the beat of their own drum and want nothing more in this life than to do good and help as many people along the way.

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If you have the courage and drive to take a leap of faith into this career, we’re here to help mentor and guide you to unparalleled heights.

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Andy Rohlik


One of the main reasons we love this career is that we have a young family, and having the flexibility to run hard for work and slow down when needed is huge. Where else can you have that much flexibility while bringing home amazing income? I know that Gabby and I are the drivers of our success. The harder we work, the more our family and community benefit. I joined Gabby to create a husband/wife team after 3 years of her working the business on her own. When our country called her to serve, I stepped up to help support her in the business, but also I had watched her for years give the love and support to her clients and truly saw how Family Heritage saves families from financial devastation.

As a husband, father, farmer and boiler operator, I love that this career gives me the flexibility to still serve families like my own, and grow a lasting business that will provide for our family and community for years to come. 

Holly Rohlik

Hiring Director

My name is Holly. I live in Wanda, MN with my husband Joe and two boys. We live on a farm, and life never seems to slow down. I am the Hiring Director for our agency. I have a passion for what I do, because I love being able to provide folks with the best opportunity in America, and to watch their careers and lives flourish in a way they never knew existed. 

Outside of the agency I am a professional photographer. I continue to work with Gabby and her team because of the FAMILY CULTURE and THE PEOPLE we work with. 

When I’m not working you can find me on the lake, in the pool, supporting local activities in Fulda and Wanda, or just being a Super-Mom.